Where can our people shoot?

You have probably noticed that even though the Czechs have quite a few firearms, they don\’t just shoot them where the owner thinks of such a weapon. Usually, you have never heard gunfire on the streets of our cities, no shooting in public and in the vast majority of private buildings, shops, offices and the like.

You all certainly know why. Firearms are simply controlled by the state in our country, they can only be legally owned by people who have the appropriate authorization, and such weapons may only be used in accordance with very strict rules. And any violation of this fact is a criminal offense.

různé zbraně

So there are people who have and use firearms, but there are also many who are not armed and will never have a legal firearm. Some because they consider it useless, some because they are not worthwhile to do everything related to it, and some because they do not meet the conditions and access to the firearm would not be allowed.

But even those people who don\’t have a firearm sometimes want to experience the feeling that shooters have. Even those who did not buy a weapon would ever want to shoot it. Even just for fun. But how to arrange it?

The solution is offered, for example, in the form of a Prague shooting range. Because anyone who wants to can shoot here, at any time of the year and in any weather. And not only is such an offer easily available, but also is a shooting range Prague cheap. And that\’s why everyone can enjoy the mentioned fun here.

siluety ozbrojenců

All you have to do is order and come here, and every customer will get the chosen weapon and the necessary equipment. And then he can shoot with the help of a professional instructor. And satisfy your desire for a similar experience. Without endangering anyone.

And it is not only the Czechs who have to belong to the visitors of this shooting range. The local instructors also speak English, which is why English-speaking tourists will enjoy it here as well.